Why Should You Join?
We provide a lot of value for a small membership fee.  Weekly meetings, training sessions, camaraderie, and support to name a few.
We meet weekly in three different locations to train together while having fun.  It's a lot easier to get motivated if you've got friends doing the same thing.
We get 25% off discounts for GORUCK Challenges.
You also recieve membership and event registration Discounts with participating buisnesses and organizations
Members get a Club patch and voting rights, and are eligable for officer elections.
We train specifically for certain events.
We give each other encouragement and sexy thoughts.
We donate to help those who need it.  Specific causes are always being identified, but it's going to go to people who can use it.
You can purchase a membership in our online store (above) or just show up to one of our weekly rucks.  You don't HAVE to be a member to participate in our rucks, but we'd sure appreciate it!
Friends Don't Sue Friends
We'll ask you sign a waiver to join us.  We want everyone to be safe, and have fun.  We won't make you do anything you don't want to.  Signing a waiver is important to ensure that the club can continue to operate as normal.
*Click Here to Download a copy of our Waiver*
Click on "Calendar" at the top of the page for more details - but we organize training so that you can accomplish your goals.  It's easy to back out if you're training by yourself.  But in a group - you don't want to let your friends down.  Join us!
We Train Hard, but more importantly, we friend harder.  Yes, we hang out during and after our training.  That's what makes us, well, us!