Tuesday & Wednesday Bi-weekly Night run!
Every other
Tuesday@Miramar Park  - South side section
Wednesday@ Memorial Park  -  Central section

Join us at 6:30pm for registration, then a short 1 hour ruck at 7pm! Followed by beers!
The Houston Rucking Club Toy Drop
Benefitting the Star of Hope Mission, the Dec Challenge will be special!
  1. Summer 2018
    Houston Kids Ruck Class 004
    A Goruck style kids team building event. It will be an age appropriate dose of good livin', with multiple platoons divided by age group to ensure fun and plenty of smiles for all. Each participant will earn a custom patch upon completion.. https://www.facebook.com/events/899132656829392/
  2. 2018
  3. 2018
    Check our Facebook Event's page for most up to date Events
  4. December 2018
    Houston Rucking Club Rucktard's 4th Annual Holiday Soirée
    After all our family obligations are fulfilled this X-Mas, let's get together with our extended family for a drink, a few laughs and a White Elephant gift exchange. Location will soon be announced. The usual White Elephant rules apply, but if in doubt, read this: http://www.eonline.com/news/488987/e-s-official-guide-to-christmas-how-to-not-suck-at-white-elephant-parties: 1) Obtain a gift under $20 (no gift-cards please) 2) Wrap your gift 3) Avoid gender-specific gifts
  5. Tuesday's, Wednesday's @7:00pm
    Tuesdays, Wednesday's @ 7:00pm Weekly Training Run
    Join us @7pm for a short training ruck! We meet weekly to train together while having fun. It's a lot easier to get motivated if you've got friends doing the same thing. We train specifically for certain events. We give each other encouragement and sexy thoughts. We donate to help those who need it. Specific causes are always being identified, but it's going to go to people who can use it. You can purchase a membership in our online store @ Houstonruckingclub.com or just show up to one of our weekly rucks. You don't HAVE to be a member to participate in our rucks, but we'd sure appreciate it!
  6. Summer 2018
    Ruck for the Homeless Summer Event
    Homeless Outreach Details~ 11am 2/17/18 - Meet up at the Discovery Green parking garage (1002 Avenidas de las Americas, Houston, TX 77002) $10 to park for up to 3 hours Purpose ~ Offer a smile and kind word while distributing care bags to local homeless. Suggested items to bring ~ Individual packages of snacks/cookies/crackers/tuna/peanut butter Juice Boxes, Capri Suns, Bottled Water Feminine hygiene products Male and female socks Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, hair combs, hand wipes, chapstick) Mints/ cough drops/ gum A couple dollars per bag for bus fare Suckers - I know it's odd but last year I brought bags of BlowPops to give to children and while I did not see many children the adults loved them. If you have any jackets (male or female) or blankets you would like to bring we can have them remain in the shadow vehicle. If there are any blankets or items after the outreach we can distribute them to a local shelter. The outreach should only take a couple hours depending on how many bags we deliver to meet area needs. Last year it was a success and at no time did I ever feel that anyone in the group was in danger. Pretty much everyone we encountered was extremely grateful for the outpouring of love and kindness from our group. Children are welcome to attend as well. Lunch at a local restaurant to follow if there is enough interest. If you have any questions please let me know, I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday the 17th rain or shine! If you are not able to attend but would like to be a part of the outreach by either donating items or a donation via PayPal to assist in the purchase of items for the outreach bags please let me know.
  7. Summer 2018
    Beach Camp trip
    More details coming...
  8. December 2018
    Wreaths Across America
    More details coming...
  9. June 10 2018
    Pinney's in Heaven WOD Fundraiser
    Event is on June 10, 2018. The 3 month anniversary of her passing which would have also been her birthday. Please come honor her and sign up. WOD is at Bayway Crossfit. Pre-register now. She would tell her kids when u find a penny it was her brother in heaven. She said he put them there for his little Pinney’s. Let’s raise some money to help this family that has helped so many. All proceeds will be donated to the family.