The Houston Rucking Club (HRC) is a non-profit organization committed to the overall health and well-being of all who engage in physical activity.  We promote rucking, training, fun events, camaraderie, and charitable giving.  We encourage all forms of physical activity, particularly rucking, to benefit both the physical and mental health of our members. We offer weekly rucks where members can train and receive motivation from others to further their pursuit of fitness. HRC is not about winning or losing.  We are all winners because we pursue a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it.  We sponsor several events throughout the year to help showcase our members while benefiting many fabulous charities and organizations.  
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What is rucking?
Rucking – Walking with weight on your back. Add more weight or more miles for more results.  
You can use any type of weight that you would like:  bricks, sand, steel plates, water, functional items, etc.
Rucking gets its name from the military loading items into their bags (or rucksacks) and moving out.
President:  Willie Vera
Vice President: Bob Morgan
Marketing Guru: Jennifer Hillhouse
Secretary Guru: Marissa Aiello
Training Guru:  Duffy Kinslow
Treasurer Guru: Rita Potakh
Special Advisor Guru:  Aaron Stephens